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Want to know what’s happening in ski racing or just wanna learn more about the sport in general?

Going Downhill is a podcast dedicated to being a fun and interesting analysis of the alpine and ski racing world. The hosts, Wendy Lumby and Shelley Johnston, together have over 50 years of coaching experience and give a thoughtful, if not amusing dissection about the latest trends and happenings in skiing. Expert guests and interviews compliment their analysis as these two women offer another perspective that isn’t your typical sportscast. Come have fun, learn, and listen to an episode of Going Downhill on any of your favourite podcasting platforms.




Those girls are a laugh but I was also surprised at how tight the pod was and how knowledgable they are. A new great way to listen and keep up with ski racing.
— Matt
OMG! for a chick in Canada it’s hard to watch all the races, it’s so nice to keep up with this pod. And you guys are f-ing hilarious.
— Michelle
Whaaaaa? OMG! So Good. Don’t stop!
— Claire
I’ve always had an issue with pods on skiing being so boring. The same type of personality and boredom....Thank you ladies for showing that ski racing isn’t always so conservative and can be fun.
— Johnathan



We will try not to suck at analyzing the sport we love.



About US

Wendy Lumby: Olympic ski racer. Ex-World cup coach. Motorcycle rider. Mother of children. And now podcaster extraordinaire.

These are a few ways to describe Wendy. Don’t be fooled by her happy attitude and seemingly flippant ways, Wendy has the professional chops and critical eye to deliver the latest in the ski world. Wendy is known to enjoy a girly drink with an umbrella while contemplating her next Austrian crush.

Shelley Johnston: Not an olympic ski racer. No longer a motorcycle rider. Mother of dog. Ex-World cup coach. Podcaster extraordinaire.

Shelley is the realist to Wendy’s romance. A believer that good analysis equates to not being afraid to tell it as it is. She enjoys challenging her views through debate unless she’s at the bar, and then she enjoys her debate with bubbly or a G&T.